Q & A


Because we have a lot of cameras and it's hard to keep track of what film is in those cameras. This makes it easier.


Vallen came up with the idea; John made the website.


This should work both on your desktop browser and on your phone. And if you have an iPhone you can add this to your home screen. This site doesn't work in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. The site also doesn't seem to work well in Safari 5.1.10, or Blackberry 7.

How much?

Free. If you like the service, you can donate some money to us though - it helps pay for the hosting cost, along with beer and/or film. We made it for us, and are just happy that other people find it useful.

Native App?

Not yet. It's just a website that works on your desktop or phone. I'll make a native app at some point, just be patient.


Your password is hashed six ways to Sunday. And we'll never sell your email address to anyone, so why the hell not.

Something is wrong!

Send an email to [email protected].